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Principal's Message

Poornaprajna Pre-University College, Adamaru is a rural institution with residential setup amidst natural beauty. The location is highly condusive for learning. The aim of the institution is not only to inculcate subject knowledge and skills aiming our students but also prepare them for the competitive examinations .We also aim at nurturing and inculcating required  values among our students to make them good citizens of tomorrow, The institution has a large number of old students who are serving the nation in different sectors contributing to the development of the nation.

We have introduced a system of updating the teaching skills of the faculty by conducting feedback evaluation and providing inservice training by organising the workshops.

The aim of creating the institution website is to update the technology and execute a platform for students, faculty, parents and public to interact and communicate.

-Sri Sanjeeva Naik


For PU Section

Under Part 1:

  1. Language 1: English
  2. Language 2: Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit

Under Part 2:  Students have to choose any one of the following combinations:

  1. History, Economics, Political Science &Sociology-HEPS
  2. History, Economics, Business Studies & Accountancy-HEBA
  3. Economics, Statistics, Business Studies & Accountancy-ESBA
  4. Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics & Computer Science-BASCs
  5. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology-PCMB(2 Sections)
  6. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Statistics-PCMS
  7. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science- PCMCs

 Procedure for applying for admission

  1. The candidate may call at the college office and pay Rs. 25/- to get the application from the date of the announcement of Karnataka S.S.L.C results. CBSC and ICSE students may register their applications awaiting their results.
  1. Students from other states should pay eligibility fee and submit migration certificate as per P.U.Board rules

Submitting the application

  1. Application should be registered in the college office during the office hours on working days.
  2. The incomplete applications and the application with wrong information will not be considered.

Regarding Admission

  1. Date and time of admission will be intimated to every selected candidate over the phone. The list of selected candidates will be put up on the college notice board.
  2. The Candidate has to come for admission on the date fixed for admission.
  3. If the date fixed by the college is inconvenient owing to some valid reasons, the candidate has to meet the Principal and take another convenient date.
  4. If the candidate does not abide by what is mentioned above (No.3), the admission of the candidate stands cancelled.

Fee Structure and Regulation

Fees paid will not be returned under any circumstances.

Fees are collected according to the norms set by the P. U. Board.

Admission procedure

  1. The candidate should come for admission either with his/her father or mother or with a responsible guardian (if both parents are not alive)
  2. Fees are to be paid in full
  3. The candidate seeking admission has to bring his/her original transfer certificate and conduct certificate along with original S.S.L.C. marks card and photocopy of the same.

Specialized training for the Competitive Examinations

Science : CET & NEET & JE Main

Commerce : CPT

Arts : (UPSC & KPSC)

Remedial teaching for slow learners

Book Bank facility for poor students

Special coaching for II PUC Science students during vacation.


Important Instructions

If you intend to apply for more than one combination, you have to apply separately for those combinations. If you want to be considered for a seat on the basis of the caste (Reservation Quota), photostat copy of the relevant certificate must be attached to the application. It cannot be submitted later. The original caste certificate should be produced at the time of admission and that will returned immediately after the verification.

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Founder President

H.H Sri Vibudhesha Theertha Swamiji


H.H. Sri Eeshapriya Theertha Swamiji

Immediate Past President

H.H Sri Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji


  1. H.H. Sri Eeshapriya Theertha Swamiji, Chairman
  2. Sri Sridhar K. Rao, Hon. Secretary
  3. Sri Ganesh Hebbar (C, A., Udupi), Treasurer
  4. Sri N.S Adiga, Member
  5. Dr. M. R. Hegde, Member
  6. Dr. Raghavendra N., Member
  7. Dr. Sukanya Mary, Member
  8. Smt. Prathima Baliga, Member
  9. Sri P. Ishwara, Member
  10. Sri Udaya Shetty, Member


  1. Dr. A.P. Bhat, Administrative Officer
  2. Sri M. Ramakrishna Pai, Member
  3. Dr. Jayashankar K., Member
  4. Sri Srikanth Rao, Member
  5. Smt Laxmi Nayak, Member
  6. Sri P.K. Ganapathi Bhat, Member
  7. Smt. Nishmitha Shetty, Member
  8. Sri Ashok K., Member
  1. Sri Sanjeeva Naik, M.Com, PGDBA, PGDHRM, Principal, Lecturer in Commerce
  2. Sri M Ramakrishna Pai, M.A., M.Ed, Ex-Principal and Honorary Lecturer in Economics
  3. Sri B.R.Nagarathna, M.A., B.Ed, Visharada, Ex-Principal and Honorary Lecturer in English


  1. Jayashankar K, M.A(San), M.A(Kan), PGDCA, Ph.D, Lecturer in Sanskrit
  2. Olivita D’Souza, PPT, M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D, Lecturer in Hindi
  3. Sri Deviprasad, M.A(Kan), M.A(Eco), B.Ed, Lecturer in Kannada
  4. Jayashree Jogi Kotwal, M.A, Lecturer in English
  5. Shubhashree V.S, M.A, Lecturer in English


  1. Sri Vijayendra, M.A, Lecturer in Sociology
  2. Madhuraj, M.A, Ph.D, Lecturer in History
  3. Sri Jyothindranath Rao Y, M.A., B.Ed, Lecturer in Pol. Science
  4. Smt .Shruthi R, M.A, Lecturer in Economics


  1. Keerthi P.M, M.Com, Lecturer in Commerce


  1. Prajna Shetty, M.Sc., B.Ed, Lecturer in Biology
  2. Varsha J.P, M.Sc., B.Ed, Lecturer in Biology
  3. Rakshapoorni, M.Sc., B.Ed, Lecturer in Biology
  4. Sri Tejas Ballal, M.Sc, Lecturer in Physics
  1. Pallavi, M.Sc, Lecturer in Physics
  2. Preethika, M.Sc, Lecturer in Physics
  3. Sri Madhusoodan Gaonkar, M.Sc., B.Ed, Lecturer in Physics
  4. Sri Subrahmanya, M.Sc, Lecturer in Chemistry
  5. Sri Radhakrishna Kini, M.Sc, Lecturer in Chemistry
  6. Vanitha N, M.Sc., B.Ed, Lecturer in Chemistry
  7. Shwetha, M.Sc., B.Ed, Lecturer in Chemistry
  8. Sri Uttesh, M.Sc, Lecturer in Mathematics
  9. Sri Mahabaleshwara Hegde, M.Sc, Lecturer in Mathematics
  10. Charishma M. Chaluvadi, M Sc, Lecturer in Mathematics
  11. Neethu Kumari, M.Sc, B.Ed, Lecturer in Statistics
  12. Sri K. Gururaj, M.Sc, Lecturer in Statistics
  13. Rajeshwari K V, M.Sc, Lecturer in Comp.Science
  14. Dilip Shetty, M.Sc, Lecturer in Comp.Science
  15. Smt. Radhika Aithal, D.C.Sc.& Engg., PGDCA, Computer Lab Instructor 


Sri Chandrashekar N, B.A., M.P.Ed, Lecturer in Physical Education

Non Teaching Staff

  1. Sri Sathish Hande Office, Superintendent & Campus Manager
  2. Smt.Bhavya, Librarian
  3. Sri Karthik, Office Clerk
  4. Smt.Ramya, Office Clerk
  5. Smt. Sowmya Bhat, Office Clerk
  6. Sri Vasantha Moily, Lab Attender
  7. Sri Sudhakar J Amin, Lab Attender
  8. Sri Anil, Lab Attender
  9. Sri Sudhakar P, Attender
  10. Sri Sadashiva Achary, Peon
  11. Smt. Jyothi, Attender
  12. Smt. Jalajakshi, Attender
  13. Smt.Meenakshi, Attender

Supportive Staff

  1. Sri Dayananda, Electrician Cum Plumber
  2. Sri.Ravindra Acharya, Driver
  3. Sri. Shankar, Driver
  4. Sri. Shankar Acharya, Driver
  5. Sri.Vishwanatha, Driver
  6. Sri.Jagadeesha, Driver
  7. Sri.Pramod, Driver
  8. Sri Vasantha, Driver
  9. Sri Shankara
  10. Suvarna, Driver
  11. Sri. Vidyananada, Driver

Hostel Staff

  1. Sri.Mahesh, Boys Warden
  2. Sri. Vishwanath, Boys Warden
  3. Sri. Sharath, Boys Warden
  4. Kum. Rathnamala Hegde, Girls Warden
  5. Kum. Archana, Girls Warden
  6. Sri.Harish, Cook
  7. Sri Vasu, Cook
  8. Sri. Anand, Cook
  9. Sri. Naveen, Watchman
  10. Sri. Guruprasad, Watchman

Hostel Workers

  1. Smt. Neelamma
  2. Smt. Sunadari
  3. Smt. Veena
  4. Smt.Geetha
  5. Smt. Sujatha
  6. Smt. Sudha



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