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Founder's Message

HH Sri Vibudhesha Teertha Swamiji

Schools, Colleges and Universities are student-centered activities. These exist to shape Nation’s young ones physically and spiritually. Shapers are to be selected very carefully. They have to have the required competence, dedication, and patriotism. A Nation’s future can be shaped only through shaping the young ones of the Nation. Spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of human beings shall be treated with equanimity and understanding.

Poornaprajna Institutions are trying to perform this duty towards the Nation. In all Poornaprajna Institutions, students are treated as Nation’s children and God’s children. Hence, all possible efforts are made to see that they get necessary training and guidance.

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President's Message

HH Sri Eeshapriya Teertha Swamiji

|| विद्यया अमृतमश्नुते ||
Our Founder President, Sri Sri Vibudhesha Teertha Swamiji & objective of starting a chain of schools from Admar to Delhi is to offer quality education and to emphasize students to pursue in pure Science along with all other knowledge skills.

Pujya Swamiji was a great patriot and believed that education should provide wings to student to spread across the world with strong roots in Indian culture and tradition. Poornaprajna, is an epitome of Swamiji’s vision and we are determined to continue this heritage.


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