Founder’s Day


DATE: 7TH Of July 2022

VENUE: Sri Vasudeva Sabhangana,Poornaprajna PU College,Adamaru

HOLY PRESENCE : H.H. Sri Eeshapriya Threetha Swamiji, President Udup Sri Adamaru  Matha Education Council

GUEST OF HONOURProf. Vidhyadhiraja  N S,Dean-Fellowship and Extension Programmes.Professor, ,Theortical Sciences Unit. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientfic Research (JNCASR)

Mr. Vinayak K  Pattar ,Asst Coordinator ., Education Technology Unit , JNCASR

Ms. Dheemahi, Research Scholar , JNCASR

EVENT DETAILS  :   Demonstration of Science Experiments to the students and outreach program from  C.N.R Rao Hall of Science & Education  Technology Unit

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